TyWanna S. Patrick

Ms. TyWanna S. Patrick (AKA) Ari Ankha Het Heru

Mother of three/G-ma of four, career in the hair care industry started while attending High School on Chicago’s North side. She was known for having a creative mind for fashion, which

caused others to notice and admire her exotic “out of the box” styles in high school. TyWanna learned how to braid hair around 7 yrs. old but it wasn’t until her trip to Tupelo, Mississippi when she was approx. 10 yrs. old where her aunt Geneva taught her how to ” cornrow” that she began doing other people’s hair. TyWanna developed her foundation as a budding entrepreneur when

parents began having her braid their children’s hair.

In June of 1986 TyWanna graduated from Albert G. Lane High School then went on to successfully complete the cosmetology program at Wilfred Academy of Cosmetology becoming a licensed Cosmetologist in the fall of 1987. She later went to Dudley’s Cosmetology Advanced Training Center in Greensboro, NC in 1990. Tywanna’s diligent pursuit of knowledge prompted her to also attend Taaliah Waajid Natural Hair trainings, Bio-strand Holistic Hair-care seminars, and countless others throughout the years.

TyWanna’s heart’s desire was to open her own hair salon and with much sacrifice and family support; TyWanna’s dream became a reality. In 2002, she became the proud owner and operator of Nu-B-Gin-N’s Holistic Hair Care and later in 2011, she changed the name to “Nu-B-Gin-N’s Natural Hair & Wellness Center located in the Austin area of Chicago’s West side. Her motto “Free Your Hair, Free Your Mind”. In 2003-2006, TyWanna was a consultant with the company, Bio-Strand, INC. She worked with their research & product development division. In 2004, she worked with Organic Root Stimulator as a Natural Hair platform artist. TyWanna has participated in many Natural Hair Care forums, panels and workshops all over Chicago including the Sankofa Beauty show and American Health and Beauty Aids/Proud Lady Show. Currently, TyWanna is a licensed Braiding/Natural hair care instructor at Amazon Natural Look Academy & Evolving Textures Advanced Training Center. TyWanna became an active member of the Illinois Association of Hair Braiders in 2010. This organization was instrumental in assisting with the State of Illinois Braider’s Licensing standards while helping to educate other natural hair-care stylist how to obtain their license and maintain the highest of standards in the industry. In 2013 TyWanna assisted in establishing Natural Hair Professionals an association that provides valuable educational resources, training and career development to natural hair stylist.

On April 3, 2016, TyWanna/Ari was presented with the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) Centennial Woman’s Award along with many other high profile and distinguished women in the Black community. She has been and continues to be the light of life for so many people in her life. TyWanna’s natural hair career has turned into a mission to educate, enlighten and inspire women of African descent and everyone who she is in contact with on how critical it is to know one’s culture and history, as well as the importance of loving oneself and your natural hair!